A Woman’s Guide To Overcoming Adversity, Establishing Self-Worth & Building Confidence





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You were made to overcome every obstacle, conquer every limitation and achieve every good thing your heart desires. You are more than where you’ve been and what you’ve experienced. You have more potential waiting to be used. You have more wisdom waiting to be expressed, and you are nothing to be played with! This book will be your guide to becoming everything you know you are purposed to become! YOU WERE MADE FOR THIS!


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What Women Are Saying About This Book!​

Tawanna Cooper

It's truly a guide on how to pick yourself up by the bootstraps and fight for YOU! As I am reading, I feel courage and strength being deposited into my being.P.S. I finished it in one night!!!

Rochelle Myles

I could not go to bed without finishing it!  The flow was so natural I felt like I was having a conversation with Brittainy. I'm going to need a workbook to go with it!!!

Londen Underwood

The book was so good! An easy read and I didn't want to stop, I read it all in one night! It was right on time and so relatable!

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