Hello Friend!

I’m Brittainy Noel, LCSW

Therapist, Coach, Speaker

About Me

I’m a Houston-based Therapist and Confidence Coach who helps women embrace themselves fully and confidently step into new opportunities for growth!


I become over-joyed when I see women move out of self-doubt and transform into the woman who is fierce enough to make mountains bow in her presence; and whose confidence shifts the atmosphere of every room she enters!


If you’re looking for a coach with the passion, enthusiasm and the deep expertise needed to take you to your next level of evolution, then you’ve found me!!!

Over 200 Clients

8 Years Clinical Experience

International Coach

What I Do.

I am extremely passionate about working in collaboration with people like yourself who are seeking to enhance their mental wellness in EVERY aspect of their lives.

In my 8 years of clinical experience, I've discovered that my excitement from what I do intensifies when I am able to assist individuals in healing from emotional wounds, identifying known and hidden triggers, challenging limiting mindsets and correcting self-sabotaging behaviors.

With me as your coach, you’re sure to walk away with practical tools, strategies and mental exercises to assist you in overcoming your limitations so that you can evolve into the happier, healthier, fulfilled and joyful YOU!

​My Skills

As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker I’ve spent my entire career treating individuals with complex trauma, grief, post-traumatic stress disorder, depression and anxiety. I’ve mastered the ability to facilitate deep conversations that matter while still using humor and a down to earth communication style that creates a safe place for healing and vulnerability.

Treatment Planning - 98%
Personal Experience - 90%
Empathetic Communication - 95%
Industry Knowledge - 95%

Schedule Your Session With Me!



In your starter session we will discuss your pain points in detail, dig for insight and understanding of the issues, develop a plan of action and map out your next steps.

  • 75 Minute Zoom Session
  • Gain Clarity & Identify Blind Spots
  • Understand What "The Next Step" Is
  • Develop Coping Sills For Complicated Emotions 

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